I probably should have started this blog with this post but, quite honestly, I didn’t think about it.  So instead, this will ring in the New Year.  This post describes one of those habits that we develop as we move through the world, our individual quirks if you will.  If you have been around me in a social setting you may have noticed this.  If not, let me explain.  I say hello to people.  A lot.  Frequently.  Whenever someone brushes past me on the way to the chips, dips, or nuts.  When we make eye contact.  Just the once, never the same person multiple times.

As habits go, this one has become almost reflexive for me but then someone went and commented on it.  Which is kind of like finding a new door in the house that you’ve lived in for 20 years.  When did this get here?

So, as I was saying, Hei.

Have you heard about how most UX professionals are introverts?  I hear this quite frequently in the Chicago UX scene, I don’t know if it is any more true than other fields though.  Perhaps it is different where you are?  I’d love to hear about it either way.

Anyways, Aloha.  I thought about this after someone called me out for it.  It comes down to just wanting to include people in conversations, make them feel comfortable, open a door for them to join in.  It can be difficult at times walking up to complete strangers and engaging.  This is something I think most of us know but hardly ever admit to.  And then there are those that don’t have any trouble here.  **Shakes Fist**

One of the things I love about going to events, beyond the endless learning, is meeting new people and hearing about the work they do, all the stories that are told, all the journeys that are taken to get where we are, and all the perspectives that exist.

And it all starts with Hello.

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