Status Update 2016.76

I don’t want to get into a huge habit with these self introspection pieces, I want to focus on the User Experience, Psychology, and Design Problems we face in our day to day lives.

This is more of an excuse for going a month without finishing a posting.  This is a lie; I finished a couple but didn’t post them.  And it isn’t really an excuse, I’ll own the fact that a month went by.

So, the previous rambling was about Language and Drugs(!).  It took me a long time to complete; as I worked through it I noticed that a certain due-diligence was required.  If I am to discuss the research that someone else has conducted, it is only fair that I do my best to hear from them.  (Journalism?)

This was a new development for me, I realize this is a concern that news organizations deal with but here I thought I was just a lil’ blogger.  So I did more research, and reached out to someone.  And heard nothing.  So I found another person who responded and then nothing.

But all this takes me time.  And a finished piece remains unpublished.  Which made me sad.  I could feel the landscape changing as I waited to hear back from people, as the time between postings increased.  And as I felt this, in my heart, I made some adjustments to my process.  Refinements and schedules and finished more work so that if something doesn’t launch I can still fire off the next one in the queue.

I think I’ve said this before but challenges define us.  They make us who we are and they help us grow.  This setback pushed me to build a better system for this endeavor.  If the delay never happened, I wouldn’t have grown here.

So thanks people for blowing me off, you are amazing. 😉



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