If we talk, collaborate, hang out, present work together you will notice the passion that I bring to the work at hand. From that very first moment a crayon hit my hand, I’ve been drawing, designing, creating artistic artifacts. I met Photoshop when it was on floppies. I’ve taught undergraduate students about design and graduate students about front end development and human factors. I’ve worked for small companies and large. I understand the differences and similarities between the two. I come from a background that seemed to always be involved in making processes better or developing new processes to help customers, users, and staff.  And now everything I do goes towards that goal, I work every day on improving products, websites, apps, processes, or doing research into such areas. I love exploring and designing for cutting edge technologies like IoT or complex mobile designs and love working on the user experience strategy of products. I’m available for contract work, take a look at my work and let’s talk.